ODOO (Openerp)



When it comes time for your organization to evaluate ERP systems, whether you are replacing a small business accounting package or an aging ERP, Items important to clarify the components. A Each piece (often called module) of the ERP system delivers different value for your organization. To get the most from the full system, make sure your evaluation team understands the fundamentals.

Accounting & Financial Planning

ERP presents you compliant, flexible, real-time and auditable accounting process at your enterprise meeting your budgeting and ongoing forecasting needs on parallel. Keep track of your financial activities on the go.

Warehouse Management

Take exclusive control of your warehouse with ERP which stores every single moment of inventory such as item being picked, packed, shipped and received. With real-time flow of information, Warehouse Management works on Business Intelligence Reports to optimize your inventory management the better and the best.

Project Management

Manage your project flow better with ERP to ensure streamlined project work flow, proper team communication, informed work status, effective monitoring and timely delivery which invites more customers to your business. Efficient Project Management saves your time and endow an hassle-free work atmosphere at your entity.

Customer RelationshipManagement

An efficient CRM in your ERP builds an everlasting customer relationship. A Dominant Database residing in the CRM holds all your customer information, automates communication and keep your customer up-to-date and empower your sale process such as inventory status, estimated cost and delivery time, risk status, habits and special demands.

Employee Management

Smart employee management is the key to success. Manage the most important asset of your business, your employees, with ERP’s advanced features like Recruitment Application, Enterprise Social Network, Appraisal Automation, and Gamification & More.

Supply Chain Management

What’s great when an entire network of business is on track?! The Supply Chain Management System eases the tracking of supplier movement inside your business and improves tie-up by circulating valuable information like demand trend reports, forecasts, inventory levels, and transportation plans to suppliers and partners.

Manufacturing Management

Worried of managing hectic goods flow in your factory? Modern ERP cuts down all the difficulties simply by tracking the conversion from raw materials to products and are able to pull out the accurate costing of production involving materials cost, labour charge, and manufacturing costs.

Business Intelligence

With Intelligence Reports prepared from your data, you can analyse your business performance at any point of time, including monthly sales and revenue, retention, attendance and inventory. More valuable and precise reports to help you plan your business future and take only the right steps.

Point of Sale

Bring an enriching user experience at your store, bring an ERP Point of sale. A POS is interlinked to Accounting and Inventory to input real time data in each and help you seamlessly manage your business by reviewing your inventory availability and managing every transaction across all your outlets just in a matter of seconds.